Control / Machine : 1 year.
*Excluding Vat / Warranty may varies upon conditions of the contract.

MK8320C-500 (simple semi-protective) CNC (follow) camshaft grinder

MK8320C-500 (simple semi-protective) CNC (follow) camshaft grinder with grinder dedicated control system, three-axis AC servo motor control, two-axis Taiwan high-precision ball screw, bearing support, head frame servo rotation stepless variable speed, Schneider Electric control. X-axis external 0.1um level indication scale, to achieve closed-loop control Machine tools with automatic grinding wheel xompensation and compensation functions, special circumstances, such as safety and emergency protection measures.

The machine has the advantages of high precision, high precision, high precision, high efficiency, easy operation, easy to learn, easy to realize automatic production, one machine and many other advantages, widely used in camshaft parts and non-circular surface , Eccentric circle and other parts of the large quantities of precision machining.

Pictures Of Processing Parts:

Technical Spec:

Maximum work piece diameter ∅135mm
Maximum work piece length 500mm
Grinding diameter range ∅8∼∅200mm
Non-circular parts eccentricity ≤20mm
Max size of grinding wheel ∅400x∅203x(20-50)mm
Grinding wheel speed ≤35m/s
Grinding wheel motor power 4.0KW
C-axis motor power 2.5KW
Max weight of the workpiece ≤30kg
Length of movement of the table ≥680mm
Grinding wheel feed speed 0.01∼3000mm/min
C axis speed 0∼300r/min
C-axis Mohs taper MS5
Tailstock sleeve travel 20mm
Tailstock Mohs taper MS4
Working accuracy roundness 1.5µm
Dimensional consistency 3µm/315mm
Surface roughness Ra0.2∼0.8µm
X-axis repeat positioning accuracy 1.5µm
Z-axis repeat positioning accuracy 2.0µm
Implementation of standards Q/320281BGF01-2016 GB/T4685-2007
Machine weight 2700kg
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 2545x1490x1810mm
Standard Configuration
GSK986GS CNC Grinding Machine System
Backpack cabinet air conditioner
Magnetic filter cooling
X-axis with scale
Teber Technology Cam Profile Programming Package (with dongle)
Optional Configuration
FANUC 31i / G CNC System
SIEMENS 840D CNC Grinding Machine System
ZY precision radial cylindrical instrument
ZY precision end face knife
External hydraulic station and hydraulic tailstock